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Of Sons and Skies
Of Sons and Skies by Robert Arley



by Robert Arley


A great new book

Fresh, accessible exploration of the terrifying challenges,
complexity and consequences of aerial combat.


Takes you on an amazing journey of staggering significance.

  Air Vice Marshal Paul Robinson,
International Bomber Command Centre

‘Magnificent’  Christine Sylvester

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About the book

Of sons and skies reveals the extraordinary, dangerous and deadly activity that took place over Europe and the Far East during the Second World War.

Seventy years on, the British public have settled into accepting a simplified, sanitised perception of how airmen successfully resisted the menace of German aerial aggression. Celebrations of the Battle of Britain and the Dambusters, alongside TV programmes compressing six years of deadly challenge, have caused people to think the whole thrust of aerial activity was neatly straightforward and wonderfully fruitful.

In fact, it was extremely difficult to convey armed planes across the sea to try to damage enemy forces, factories or civil facilities; a terrifying prospect in bad weather, facing guns on the ground, or aboard fast fighter planes determined to inhibit your passage. More than 70,000 of the young men who volunteered to impose aerial aggression on our enemies died in the process.

Of sons and skies by Robert Arley explores amazing activities with staggering consequences for the exponents of the flying and the recipients of the ordnance, as experienced by men and women right across the world shortly before we were born.

A fresh and accessible review of the most terrible events in British history.


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>>> About the Book



Meet the Author


Robert Arley was staggered by what ex-Bomber Command engineer Ted Miles told him about his responsibilities on a Lincolnshire air station. He had no idea so many men and craft failed to return. He began to explore this and decided not enough people knew about the difficulties of flying in those times.


Robert was determined to reach as many people as possible who knew little or nothing about these huge challenges and tragedies that ultimately brought peace and prosperity to most of Europe and so Of Sons & Skies was born.

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